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EMS training X-Body

Exercising with the XBody machine works on the basis of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), one of the fitness miracles of the 21st century. In EMS, low-frequency electrical pulses are sent from the machine through electrodes that cause contraction in the muscles. Simply put on the vest that the electrodes are plugged into and you can start exercising. In traditional exercise, the brain signals the muscles to contract and cause movement through electrical impulses. EMS activates muscle contraction in a much more intense and targeted way, i.e. more efficiently through external electrical impulses. The muscle does not know the difference, but strengthens more efficiently. Due to the synchronous load distribution, multiple muscles can be activated simultaneously in a single exercise.

The method is not only functional, but also completely safe – it is used, for example, by the Clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno, one of the best workplaces of its kind in the world. “Practical experience proves that it is a very effective method of strengthening muscles. There are no known side effects,” says Prof. Petr Dobšák, M.D., CSc, Head of the Clinic at St. Anne’s Hospital. Method. EMS has been used in rehabilitation for 60 years. Innovations and technologies in the XBody administration are pushing EMS into new possibilities of training and rehabilitation. The XBody Newave is a certified device for rehabilitation after injuries and for recovery because it can engage muscles that would otherwise be impossible to incorporate. As the training uses only natural movement, it is therefore gentle on joints, tendons and ligaments.

Exercising with XBody allows you to safely exercise up to 90% of your muscles in a whopping 20 minutes of exercise without straining your joints or ligaments. Training with XBody machine helps to effectively lose weight, strengthen, shape the body including problem areas, increase physical fitness and performance. In addition, thanks to the impulses, they also stimulate the deep internal muscles that provide support to the spine and thus reliably reduce back pain, they are also suitable for example to strengthen the pelvic floor after childbirth or as prevention. They also allow targeted sports performance training for specific sports (golf, tennis, running, skiing and other sports).


All muscle parts are stimulated simultaneously, you will spend only 20 minutes training.


The electrodes are placed directly on the body over each important muscle part. All impulses thus perfectly activate their target. It is very simple and safe


The electrodes are built into the training vest so that they also stimulate the muscles around the spine, which are normally very difficult to strengthen. By stimulating these deeply located back muscles, they will be strengthened. This will improve posture and eliminate back problems.


Since you are strengthening all your muscles at the same time during the workout, you will burn a large amount of calories. This is a very effective tool for reducing subcutaneous fat and long-term weight reduction.


The electrical impulses activate the muscles directly, thus not putting pressure on the joints. The joints are not overstressed as with strength training.


Built-in electrodes can stimulate all major muscle groups simultaneously or only selected ones according to specific needs. We can thus strengthen even weakened muscles and alleviate muscle imbalances.


EMS training at nolimits Lehovec takes the form of an individual 20-minute training session. The price of one training – 450 CZK. Clients with a valid membership in nolimits have a 30% discount and thus pay 315 CZK for one training.

For EMS training you will need special underwear, which can be purchased in nolimits for 900 CZK or rented for 100 CZK for one training.


To sign up for your first training session, please fill out this form.

    Cancellation conditions: free cancellation of the reservation of the “Healthy Back” group training, individual EMS or “Healthy Back” training is possible at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson by phone or in person at the nolimits reception. In case of cancellation after this deadline or in case of non-cancellation, nolimits reserves the right to charge a penalty of 100% of the price of the lesson.


    – Epilepsy
    – Mental illness (schizophrenia)
    – Cardiac disease.
    – Cardiac pacemaker
    – Generally elevated Creatine Kinase enzyme (hypothyroidism, uremia, etc.)
    – Pregnancy
    – Increased bleeding
    – Abdominal hernia
    – Cancer
    – Thrombosis or predisposition to this disease (thrombophilia, blood clotting, etc.)
    – Severe neurological diseases
    – Diabetes mellitus
    – Tuberculosis
    – Diseases associated with fevers, acute bacte

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