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Smart machines milon – results visible in 1 month! 

How to be in shape and work out for only 35 minutes 6 times a month and pay nothing to a personal trainer?

At nolimits we work with a training concept called milon. It is a circuit training on sophisticated machines controlled by special software. 12 machines (6 weight training and 6 cardio) are placed in a circle. At the first workout we will measure you on the milonizer machine. Your anthropometric data is automatically stored in the software and then on a smart-card. During each workout you insert the smart-card into the machine in a specific order. The machine automatically adjusts itself the position of all moving parts (handles, seat, rollers) according to the data on the smart-card and also determines the load with which you will exercise. The load on the machine is created with the help of an electric motor and can therefore be adjusted very precisely. The workout is controlled by a watch in the middle of the circle, so that you move in synchrony in the circle and spend exactly 1 minute (weight machines) or 4 minutes (cardio) on a particular machine. In total, the workout lasts two rounds and takes 35 minutes. The trainer, who is present throughout the workout, checks in the software that you are exercising fairly and correctly, makes changes to the load settings and monitors your progress.

Benefits of training with a milon:

– During one workout you will exercise all major muscle parts.
– The combination of strength and endurance training is 15 times more effective for fat burning than conventional running.
– Time-saving training, you only need to exercise 2 times a week for 35 minutes.
– Simple training – you don’t have to remember anything because you have automatic machine settings including weights, a precise order of machines and a well-defined time for each machine.
– You don’t have to arrive at the exact time and you don’t have to train in a group, you can join the circle at any time.
– You don’t have to wait in line for machines and wait for a machine to become available.
– Training is 100% safe. None of the machines create direct compression on the spine and the precise settings eliminate the risk of sitting on the machine wrong or doing a technically incorrect exercise.
– The workout solves the problem of all beginners who are shy in the fitness center because they are not yet able to control a large load – so in nolimits everyone only sees their load on the screen in front of them.
– Feedback – the results of the training on the milon circle are visible in numbers thanks to the software. This helps you to stay motivated in the long term.

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